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License: GNU General Public License, version 2GNU General Public License, version 2 or GNU General Public License, version 3GNU General Public License, version 3


Screenshot of a running game
Screenshot of a running game
Another Screenshot of a running game
Another Screenshot of a running game

Game Principle

The principle of SerpTrain is to guide balls through the rail network by toggeling the switches. But be aware: The balls can and will collide...


SerpTrain is one of my self-written Open Source games. It may be used freely under the conditions of GPL 3 or GPL 2. So, just download and have fun ... :-)


SerpTrain is based on the cross-platform toolkit Qt4. Therefore, versions for Linux and Windows are offered. If somebody can compile the game for another platform (e.g. Mac), please let me know. I would be glad if I could offer this binary, too.


SerpTrain has an integrated editor with which you can create own levels. If you built a nice level, you can e-mail it to SerpTrain /at/ Then, I'll take care of it and integrate it into the game.


Debian-based system (such as Ubuntu)

Simply download Debian package and install it. The Qt dependencies should be automatically dissolved.

Linux (i386)

For non-Debian based systems (or all who do not want the Debian package), there is a Linux version for i386-system. However, you have to dissolve the dependency on Qt4 yourself.

Windows 32Bit

Simply download the 32-bit version for Windows and unpack it. Qt is already integrated in SerpTrain.exe. The enclosed mingwm10.dll must be simple in the same directory.

Other systems (source code)

For all other system you have to compile the source yourself using Qt4. Please send me versions for platforms that aren't listet here. So I can offer them for people who cannot/want not compile themselves.

bugs, errors, suggestions

Anyone who finds bugs or suggestions for improvement, just send an email to SerpTrain /at/

Thank you very much!


0.6.0 27. March 2009

This version now provides a configration dialog. Here one can set different options in-game. And of course, some bugs have been fixed.

0.5.4 10. March 2009

The OpenLevel-Dialog will now show the difficulty of a level and if one has already tried or finished the level.

0.5.2 04. March 2009

First public release


Version Date Source
1090 times downloaded
Linux (32Bit - i386)
852 times downloaded
Debian package
983 times downloaded
Windows (32Bit)
815 times downloaded
0.6.027. March 2009SerpTrain-source-0.6.0.tar.gz (183,0 kB)
816 times downloaded
SerpTrain-linux-i386-0.6.0.tar.gz (441,0 kB)
639 times downloaded
SerpTrain-0.6.0-i386.deb (422,4 kB)
744 times downloaded (5,0 MB)
622 times downloaded
0.5.410. March 2009SerpTrain-source-0.5.4.tar.gz (177,9 kB)
139 times downloaded
SerpTrain-linux-i386-0.5.4.tar.gz (342,9 kB)
108 times downloaded
SerpTrain-0.5.4-i386.deb (323,4 kB)
123 times downloaded (4,9 MB)
102 times downloaded
0.5.204. March 2009SerpTrain-source-0.5.2.tar.gz (146,2 kB)
135 times downloaded
SerpTrain-linux-i386-0.5.2.tar.gz (312,1 kB)
105 times downloaded
SerpTrain-0.5.2-i386.deb (293,3 kB)
116 times downloaded (4,9 MB)
91 times downloaded
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